Fitness Tools

I AM A GADGET FREAK. I am also a fitness freak. I have bought, used, and stopped using so many different devices over the years (especially when I was into Golf, but that is another story) that I cringe when I think about it. That said, I recently came across this little device – The Power Breathe Plus – did a little research, and decided to give it a-whirl. Glad I did!

I have been using Power Breathe Plus for about 6 weeks now, and have experienced a noticeable improvement in my performance on the bike.

The idea behind it is resistance training for your diaphragm, i.e. breathing muscles. The better you breath, the better you deliver oxygen to your muscles, the better you perform. Pretty smart idea (hello inside-out athlete!).

I bought mine on Amazon here:

If you are serious about athleticism, I strongly encourage you to give this a try. They come in different power-band levels. If you are not in shape, do not get the plus. If you have never really breathe-trained but are in good condition, start with the plus and progress through the range of difficulty.

Let me know what you think!

Paying It Forward

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Kristie’s Ava Post

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Yummy, Healthy Snacking with Outshine

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Fall Apple Crisp (with Gluten Free option)

Fall Apple Crisp (with Gluten Free option)

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Welcome our new addition

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Audubon A-Day

Audubon A-Day

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Winter Finale Bolton Valley, VT

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